Rahmandoost, Mostafa

Mostafa Rahmandoost

Poet- Writer- Translator

Mostafa Rahmandoost, poet, writer, and translator, was born in July 1950 in Hamedan.

Rahmandoost majored in literature and has worked in different positions for years, including the manager of children’s section of Amirkabir Publishing (Shokoofeh), consultant to the Vice President, the head of the National Library, and the head of the National Library for Children and Young Adults. He has been a founder and a board member of the Association of Writers for Children and Youth. Rahmandoost has been the editor-in-chief and the founder of many children’s magazines, including Soroushe Koodakan and Roshde Daneshamooz. Rahmandoost’s poems appear in the textbooks of Iranian children and taught at schools.

By publishing some of his works under the title of Uncle Mostafa in the USA, Rahmandoost made it possible for Iranian children living abroad to read, listen to, and buy his books.

He is particularly invested in the growth of children’s publications and the first project of digitalizing Iranian children’s books, called “Doostaneh,” was supervised and carried out by him. In his writings, Rahmandoost pays tribute to Iranian folkloric literature and historic texts, using folktales in modern Iranian children’s literature. His works have been translated to and published in different languages. Among them, the collection of poems entitled The Story of Five Fingers and Playing with Fingers that are rooted in folkloric literature are translated to Swedish.

Selected Works:

Prettier than Spring(1988), Madrese Publications

To Each His Own (1998), Zekr Publishing Co.

Dad Came and Brought Bread (1999), Kanoon

The Earth’s Child (2003), Madrese Publications

The Story of Two Lonely Turtles (2006), Kanoon

Zoroaster (Peace Be upon Him) (2010), Amirkabir Publishing (Shokoofeh)

Where’s My Chick? (2010), Madrese Publications

There Were Five Fingers That… (۲۰۱۲), Peydayesh Publishing Co.

Home Songs (2012), Shahr Publishing Co.

Worshipping Songs (2014), Ofogh Publications

Selected Awards and Recognitions

Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Year Award, Best Book Award from the Children’s Book Council of Iran, Best Book Award from the Sacred Defense Book Festival, UNESCO Prize for promoting peace, friendship, and humanitarian concepts in his works, the Golden Moon Award of the Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth recognizing the best Iranian writers in two decades.