Arian, Arman

Arman Arian


Arman Aryan was born in 1981 in Tehran. He has majored in cinematic arts and entered the field of children and young adults by the series called The Persians and I.

The importance of The Persians and I Trilogy, which is inspired by historic and epic Iranian sources such as Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, is acquainting the young adult reader with Iranian mythology in a fantastic atmosphere. Judging from how young adults welcome fantastic series, this compilation was able to find its place among readers in a short time.

This writer employs Iranian mythical, epic, and historic sources as well as Holy Books in his works. Apart from writing stories, he does research on the same topics. He also has some works on writing for computer games.

Selected Works:
Persians and I Series (2003-2006), Mowj Publishing Co.
Ashvazdangheh (2009), Mowj Publishing Co.
The Dream of the White Garden (2009), Iranban Publishing House
One Hundred Pieces of Advice Heard One Thousand Times (2010), Iranban Publishing House
The Nightmare of the Black Garden (2011), Iranban Publishing House
Ancient Future Series (2013), Zaffaran Publishing Co.
Shahnamag (2015), Chekkeh Publishing Co.
Patash Khwargar Series (2015), Oforgh Publishing Co.

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Year Award, Best Book Award from Shahid Habib Ghanipour Book Festival,Children’s Book Council’s Best Book Award, Superior Young Shahnameh Scholar as recognized by Ferdowsi Foundation, IBBY Honor Diploma from Hans Christian Andersen Foundation in Denmark