Ahmadi, Ahmadreza

Ahmadreza Ahmadi

Write- poet

Ahmadreza Ahmadi was born in May 1940 in Kerman. He migrated to Tehran in 1947 and attended Darolfonoon when he was a high schooler.

Ahmadreza Ahmadi is an avant-garde and influential contemporary Iranian poet for adults, but he began his work for children’s and young adult literature with Kanoon. In 1970’s, Ahmadi was active in the music department of this institute and valuable works in the field of children’s music or literature accompanied by music were released under his supervision.

His stories are combinations of prose and poetry, creating a special style for children’s and young adult literature, which distinguishes him. Using the imagination and repetitive motifs such as colors, nature, childhood, etc. link his works together. Concepts that are dealt with by Ahmadi in his works are global and human concepts. He has been recommended for Astrid Lindgren and Hans Christian Andersen awards by various Iranian organizations several times and his works have been translated into different languages.

Honoring this writer and poet who is one of the earliest members of the Association of Writers for Children and Youth was held by this organization at Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran in 2010.

Selected Works:
Only You Kids Will Believe What I Have to Say (1970), Kanoon
I Found My White Rabbit in Spring (1991), Markaz Publishing Co.
I Wrote Rain and It Rained (1989), Kanoon
I Have Seven Days in a Week (2001), Kanoon
Three Vases (2009), Kanoon
At Last There Were 7 Chairs in the Boy’s Home (2010), Cheshmeh Publication
The Color of Love Series (2012), Nazar Publishing Co.
Came Back from Trip Under the Rain (2013), Saaless Publishing Co.
The Big Old Desolate Garden (2014), Kanoon
Autumn Winds, Spring Winds, and Two Doves (2014), Kanoon

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Children’s Book Council’s Best Book Award, Mehr Book of the Year Award (awarded by Mehr Taha foundation), Silver Flying Turtle Award, shortlisted for Hans Christian Andersen Awards, listed in the International Library of Munich (White Ravens)