Jafari, Laleh

Laleh Jafari

Writer- translator

Laleh Jafari, writer and translator, was born in Isfahan in 1966. She has a bachelor’s degree in dramatic literature from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University. Jafari started her career by making short movies for children in Iranian Youth Cinema Society. She has also written and performed puppet shows and written the scripts for several animations. However, the lion share of her work is writing fiction for children and young adults. Besides writing, she also translates and has collaborated with various children’s and young adult publications.

Laleh Jafari mostly writes for children under five and older, although there are some titles for young adults among her works as well.

Some of Laleh Jafari’s works have been translated to other languages.

Selected Works:
The Athletic Crow (2003), Madrese Publications
The Red Sock (2003), Shabaviz
The Prettiest Place (2007), Shabaviz
The Wild Giant (2009), Behnashr (Parvaneh Books)
Mr. Rooster (2010), Elmi-Farhangi
Sho’eyb (2010), Amirkabir (Shokoofeh Books)
Honk, Honk, Story (2013), Amirkabir (Shokoffeh Books)
The Narwhale, the Unicorn Whale (2013), Kanoon
Mrs. Giant, Mr. Giant, and Ten Other Stories (2014), Peydayesh
My Parrot and I (2015), Elmi-Farhangi Publishing House

Selected Awards and Recognition:
Best Book Award from the Press Festival held by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Best Book Award from Shahid Habib Ghanipour Book Festival, Best Book Award from Hello Children Festival