Hassanbeigi, Ebrahim

Ebrahim Hassanbeigi


Ebrahim Hassanbeigi, writer, was born in a village in Gorganin June 1957. He has a B.A. in Persian language and literature and started professional writing in the early 1980s by publishing his works in the press. His first collection of stories was published in the mid 1980s.
He has collaborated with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (national radio and television), and the representative of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon) in Malaysia. He has been on the founders’ board of Iran Pen Society and on the editorial boards of creditable Iranian publications. He has also taught story-writing in various centers.

Hassanbeigi’s works draw from his personal experiences. As he had been in the trenches of Iran-Iraq war, some of his works are about Iranians’ defense of their land. He also has some religious works. However, the most eye-catching feature of his works is his attention to different peoples of Iran, especially the Torkamans. The Torkamans mostly live near the writer’s hometown. He depicts the traditions and culture of this people and strives to bring diverse cultures and religions together.

Some of his works are translated into other languages.

Selected Works:
Wheat Feast (1989), Barg
Flower Bud on the Carpet (1991), HozehHonari
The Mystery of Christ (1992), Madrese Publications
Deep Roots (1994), Barg
Fatemeh and Her Drawings (Series) (1999), MehrabGhalam
Ashkaneh (2004), Ghadyani
Spotted White Horse (2009), Iran Pen Society
Mohammad (PBUH) (2011), Amirkabir
Sophie and the Magic Lamp (2012), Kanoon
Amirhossein and the Magic Lamp (2014), Kanoon

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Listed in the International Library of Munich (White Ravens),Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Year Award,Best Book Award from The Book Festival of The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon)