Khanian, Jamshid

Jamshid Khanian


Jamshid Khanian, Born in 1961, Abadan, started his professional career as an author in early 1980s writing two plays “Half a day in inquiry room”, “On the Perch”(Rooy-e- Neybandi) and a collection of short stories. His activity expanded rapidly when he was oriented towards research, review and work in the field of Children’s literature; he has had over 40 books published in different fields of writing. Besides being an author, he has been active as a teacher, expert and a referee in different artistic and literary festivals. His works, which have always attracted the attention of experts, critics and literature graduates, have been the basis of both literary reviews in ISI journals and thesis for graduate as well as postgraduate degrees.

 Some of his works in drama such as “Ruy-e Neybandi”, “Ismail Ismail”, “A mouth full of crow” and “Repetition” have been the basis for popular plays performed in Iran for the last two decades. In addition, some of his fiction works like “Where is my Josef?”, “Always, The same time, The same game” and “Money” were translated and published into English, Russian and Polish. Some were chosen internationally, namely “The beautiful heart of Babur” by Munich international library of children and the youth (2005), “The western seventh floor” by Ibby London- the international office of books for young generation (2012), “The romance of Jonah in the fish’s belly” by Ibby Mexico (2015). His works have been nominated and awarded in: 20 years of literature, The Book of the season,The Ghanipour’s award, Children Book Council, Roshd books, Monthly journal of Hello Children and Pupak, Institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults, Book of the year of Art Committee in Sacred defense literature, Finally, The Quarter Century Awards of Sacred defense literature in 3 parts of artistic research, teenage novels and plays.

   He was honored and appreciated as the selected playwright, in addition to his lifetime efforts in writing, education, research as well as production in the 36th International Theater Festival in 2017. Khanian is the first Iranian author of Children and Youth’s literature who was invited to “White Crow Festival” in Munich international library of children and the youth in 2018.

Jamshid Khanian is introduced as the candidate in writing section for Astrid Lindgern Award (2019) on behalf of The Iranian Association of writers for Children and Youth.


 List of stories for youth:

  1. Novel: “The earth’s childhood”. (۱۹۹۷)
  2. The long story: “The Night of the white-eyed cats”. (۲۰۰۱)
  3. Novel: Historical research of “Xerxes”. (۲۰۰۱)
  4. The long story: “The Shark”. (۲۰۰۲)
  5. Novel: Historical research of “Aryans”. (۲۰۰۳)
  6. Novel: “The beautiful heart of Babur”. (۲۰۰۳)
  7. The long story: “The night Jarvasak will not sing”. (۲۰۰۳)
  8. Novel: “The elephantine turtle”. (۲۰۰۶)
  9. Novel: “Nahi”. (۲۰۰۷)
  10. Novel: “The western seventh floor”. (۲۰۰۸)
  11. Novel: “A deep diving”. (۲۰۰۹)
  12. Novel: “The romance of Jonah in the fish’s belly”. (۲۰۱۰)
  13. A long story of “A box of pizza for the grilled trapezoid”. (۲۰۱۲)
  14. Novel: “The dwarf emperor of Lilliput Dreamland”. (۲۰۱۶)
  15. Novel: “A talk between the great witch with the queen of the island of colors”. (۲۰۱۸)
  16. Novel: “Edson Arantes do Nascimento and his Himalayan rabbit”. (۲۰۱۹)

List of Adolescent stories:

  1. A collection of stories:” Always, The same time, The same game”. (۱۹۹۳)
  2. A collection of stories: “Playing on the forbidden line”. (۱۹۹۶)
  3. Novel: “Sobur”. (۱۹۹۷)
  4. Novel: “Goodbye Humphrey Bogart”. (۱۹۹۷)
  5. Novel: “He”. (۱۹۹۷)
  6. A collection of stories: “Nane Delvar”. (۱۹۹۸)
  7. Novel: “A role for Kave”. (۱۹۹۸)
  8. A collection of stories, “Selection of contemporary literature”. (۲۰۰۱)
  9. The long story: “Strange distances”. (۲۰۰۷)
  10. A collection of stories: “A memory for Naghe_ye_Goosh Shekafteh”. (۲۰۰۸)
  11. Novel: “Par Gheichi”. (۲۰۰۹)

 List of plays:

  1. Play: “Half a Day in the inquiry room”. (۱۹۸۶)
  2. Play: “Bazi Nameh Baboor”. (۱۹۸۷)
  3. Play: “love, Rikon Year”. (۲۰۰۰)
  4. Play: “Pargar”. (۲۰۰۰)
  5. Play: “A collection of dramatic works of war”. (۲۰۰۱)
  6. Play: “what if there were a little man laughing”. (۲۰۰۱)
  7. Play: “Ghul-e- Zangi-e Ghaley- e Sangbaran”. (۲۰۰۲)
  8. Play: “Like the Kakayeeha’s migration”. (۲۰۰۲)
  9. Play: “God save us from Victor Hugo”. (۲۰۰۳)
  10. Play: “Romantic words”. (۲۰۰۳)
  11. Play: “The murder of Mr. Kaf”. (۲۰۰۸)
  12. Play: “The Day the Earth turns into bread”. (۲۰۰۸)
  13. Play: “Doubt”. (۲۰۰۸)
  14. Play: “Repetition”. (۲۰۰۹)
  15. Play: “In Yahya’s Shirt”. (۲۰۰۹)
  16. Play: “On the Perch”. (۲۰۰۹)
  17. Play: “A mouth full of crow”. (۲۰۰۹)
  18. Play: “The fourth letter”. (۲۰۰۹)
  19. Play: “Ismail Ismail”. (۲۰۰۹)
  20. Play: “The Thursday”. (۲۰۱۰)
  21. Play: “Rakeb”. (۲۰۱۰)
  22. play: “Nasery‘s death”. (۲۰۱۱)
  23. Play: “The manners of teaching male quail to fight”. (۲۰۱۱)
  24. Play: “Small dots at distances very far from the sun”. (۲۰۱۵)

 List of scenarios:

(۱۹۸۵). A collection of a 13- episode puppet show in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting titled “ The Idioms” for children and Teenager.

(۱۹۹۸), based on a long story named Sobur by himself, Khanian wrote “under the city sky” which is chosen by “Sima Film” to produce “Humidity, Sharji” on it.

(۲۰۰۷), “One Day of Days, Father” written by Jamshid Khanian and directed by Asadollah Asadi.

      List of research works:

  1. “A research into text, review and evaluation of 10 Iranian novels”. (۲۰۰۱)
  2. “From background to the theme; the review and analysis of 7 short stories”. (۲۰۰۴)
  3. “The Holy Defense theatrical Situations; a research into war plays in Iran and the world”. (۲۰۰۴)