Rasti, Majid

Majid Rasti


Majid Rasti was born in 1954 in Tehran and has a bachelor’s degree in English language. He started his career in children’s and young adult literature by publishing a book for children in 1976.

He has also some experience in writing film scripts and making television shows for children and young adults. For a while, he was the head of the children’s department at IRIB2 (Channel 2 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation). Movies and animations have been made based on his works, with “The Adventures of Little Ali,” a series that deals with the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq and retells the memories of an 8-year-old boy whose father has gone to war,being the most famous among them.

He is a member of the Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth and had also been the chairman for a term. Rasti has also worked in education and has taught several courses of creative writing for children. Majid Rasti has been a part of editorial boards in children’s and young adult publications as well.

Rasti takes writing for preschooler more seriously than for any other age group and most of his books target this age group.

Selected Works:

The Small Flower-bed (1987), Nahade Honar Va Adabiyat

This Side of the World, That Side of the World (2009), Behnashr (Parvaneh)

The Stories of Grandma and Dad (2011), Behnashr (Parvaneh)

Water Said, “I’m Not Drinkable” (۲۰۱۳), Shahr Publishing Co.

Donya Is to Be Born (2013), Soroush

My Elephant and I (2014), Peydayesh

Cousin Hedgehogs (2015), Ofogh

The Little Boy Named Ghoureh Series (2016), Behnashr (Parvaneh)

Selected Awards and Recognitions:

Best Book of the Season Award from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Best Book Award from the Book Festival of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), Best Book Award from Shahid Habib Ghanipour Book Festival