Rajabi, Mahdi

Mahdi Rajabi


Mahdi Rajabi was born in August 1980 in Khomein. He majored in filmmaking and dramatic literature. Mahdi Rajabi is one of the new generation writers for children and young adults who has attracted the attention of his teenage readers by inventing strange locations and atmospheres and creating interesting characters. Rajabi understands the language of today’s youth very well, and in his works he trespasses the common divisions in writing stories for children and young adults and creating fantastic characters. The teens in Rajabi’s stories are clumsy, solitary, and reserved heroes who change the path of the story by their efforts and curiosity.

Rajabi writes for adults as well, and this is perceptible in his children’s and young adult works. He has also written scripts for a few series, telefilms, and experimental animations.

His works, such as Canned Giant, have attracted critics’ and scholars’ attention by introducing new experiments into Iranian children’s and young adult fiction.

Selected Works:

The Bogeyman Cries at Night (2012), Chekkeh Publishing Co.

The Money Tree (2014), Gissa

The Mystery of the Magic Tree (2014), Gissa

Canned Giant (2013), Ofogh

The Horse Nightmare (based on Homay and Homayoon, 2014), Ofogh

The Criminal Confesses (2015), Ofogh

The Hair-braiding Sandwich Maker (2015), Ofogh

The Dark Sisters (2015), Ofogh

Selected Awards and Recognitions:

Listed in the International Library of Munich (White Ravens), Best Book Award from the Children’s Book Council of Iran, Silver Flying Turtle Award, Best Book Award from The Children’s and Young Adult Book Festival.