Shams, Mohammadreza

Mohammadreza Shams


Mohammadreza Shams was born in Tehran in 1957. He was studying in an art school when he became acquainted with a theater troupe, which caused him to opt for acting and playwriting.

Besides theater, he composed poetry and after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, his poems and stories were published in renowned Iranian children’s and young adult magazines. Shams is particularly skilled in creatively rewriting legends. Using the techniques of Iranian curiosity texts, he has tried to write very short fantasy stories for children. In these stories, inanimate objects become alive and obtain personalities, with their relationships forming the story. Shams has also written scientific stories.

Some of his works have been translated into English, Mandarin, Turkish, and Thai.

Selected Works:

The Lunatic and the Well (2001), Hannaneh

Crazy Girl (2001), Hannaneh

The Balloon and the Hippo (2006), Ofogh

Me, My Step-Mom, and Dad’s Nose (2010), Ofogh

A Distance That Got Old (2010), Peydayesh

Breakfast of the Imagination (2010), Cheshmeh

The Thief Who Became a Butterfly (2010), Cheshmeh

Backwards Stories (2013), Kanoon

Telling Two Stories (2014), Soroush

The Bald Apple (2015), Peydayesh

Selected Awards and Recognition:

Listed in the International Library of Munich (White Ravens), IBBY Honor Diploma, Best Book Award from the Book Festival of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), Best Book Award from the Children’s Book Council of Iran, Best Book Award from the Cultural Society of Children’s Publishers