Abdi, Abbas

Abbas Abdi





Abbas Abdi, writer, was born in Abadan in July 1952. He studied motor vehicle mechanics and also fishery. He has spent many years of his life on Qeshm Island, an island in the Persian Gulf.

Abdi, who started his writing career by publishing stories for adults, has been writing for young adult readers for a few years now. The location of all of Abdi’s stories are towns and islands in the south of Iran. In writing his stories, he uses his recollections and personal and professional experiences by the sea. The boisterous life of children in the south of Iran plays a major role in his stories. Environmental concerns are visible in his works, too. In his novels, he discusses topics like preserving historical artifacts, the effect of Iran-Iraq war on people in the south of Iran, and the traditions and ways of the islanders.

Abbas Abdi can be considered the representative of the culture of southern Iran in Iranian children’s literature.

Selected Works:
The Swimmer (2010), Kanoon
Deaf Shark Hunter (2013), Kanoon
The Day of the Whale (2013), Kanoon
The Time of Turtles (2013), Kanoon

Selected Awards and Recognition:
Best Book at Poplar Award (the environmental award of Iran Technical Company), Best Book of Qeshm Festival