Fattahi, Hossein

Hossein Fattahi

Writer- translator- editor

Hossein Fattahi, writer and translator, was born in 1957 in Yazd. He studied in his hometown until 1975; then he came to Tehran to study accounting in Tehran University.

Fattahi started his literary career in 1981 by becoming a member of the editorial board in one of the oldest children’s and young adult magazines in Iran and continued working for it until 2002. He has also collaborated with various Iranian children’s and young adult publishers as expert, etc.

Apart from these activities, he has also taught story writing in centers such as Hozeh Honari.

Fattahi has created diverse works in different genres in more than three decades. As well as writing novels for different age groups, he has rewritten old texts for children and young adults. He has also written several narrative biographies about the lives of prophets, prophet Mohammad’s descendants, and martyrs. He has not only written but also translated some story collections for children.

However, he might be known to his readers most of all because of his works about Iran-Iraq war.

His first experience in writing war stories for young adults was Fire in the Crops that was published in 1988 and not only won awards for Fattahi but was also adapted for the screen.

Selected Works:
Fire in the Crops (1988), Amirkabir
The Child and the Storm (1988), Barg
The Eighth Little Amir (1991), Ghadyani (Banafsheh Books)
The Love of the War Years (1994), Ghadyani (Banafsheh Books)
Island Boys (1997), Sareer
Bandits (1997), Kanoon
Star Boy (1988/ Avicenna’s biography), Office of Islamic Culture Publications
Elias (peace be upon him) (2005), Ghadyani (Banafsheh Books)
۱۵ Stories Selected from Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (2010), Ghadyani (Banafsheh Books)
۱۰ Illustrated Stories from Javame-ol-hekayat (2014), Ghadyani (Banafsheh Books)

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Year Award, Keyhan Bacheha’s Best Book Award, Sacred Defense Book of the Year Award, Golden Plaque Award from the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon),