Fouladvand, Marjan

Marjan Fouladvand


Marjan Fouladvand was born in Jahrom in 1971. She is a PhD student of Persian language and literature. Fouladvand has worked with various newspapers and magazines and is now the editor-in-chief of a children’s publication.

Fouladvand has also collaborated with different publishers as an expert and she is interested in research on children’s and young adult literature, especially in rewriting and recreating.

Most of her works are related to Old Persian literary texts which befits her field of studies. She uses myths and old legends in her works and links them with humane and global concepts, such as peace and friendship. Fouladvand’s different outlook on rewriting and recreating has made her one of the most successful writers in this genre.

Some of Marjan Fouladvand’s works have been translated into French, Norwegian, Italian, and Mandarin.

Selected Works:
Butterfly among Light Decoration (2000), Sooreh Mehr
The Parrot and the Merchant (2003), Kanoon
The Kind Moon (2004), Kanoon
Rostam and Sohrab (2004), Kanoon
Chinese and Roman Artists (2007), Kanoon
Me and an Empty Vase (2010), Kanoon
Arash (The Tale of the Storyteller Shooting an Arrow) (2011), Ofogh
Jinjanber, the Spring Bird (2013), Kanoon
Rostam and Esfandyar (2014), Kanoon

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Listed in the International Library of Munich (White Ravens), Mehdi Azar Yazdi Literary Award (Award for the Best Rewriting and Recreating of Old Texts)