Mohaghegh, Javad

Javad Mohaghegh

Writer- Poet

Javad Mohaghegh, poet and writer, was born in Hamedan in 1954.

He completed his studies in Hamedan and, after getting his diploma from Teacher Training College after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, he taught literature in different towns and villages for years.

Afterwards, he joined the press and was the editor-in-chief of some renowned publications, including a magazine for Iranian teachers, for some years.

He has also been a board member of the Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth, a board member of Iran Pen Society, and the vice-president of Iranian Organization of Poetry and Fiction.

Javad Mohaghegh composes poetry for adults as well. His poems and writings reflect his religious culture and beliefs. He fought against the previous (Pahlavi) regime in his adolescence and his youth and his interest in events such as the Islamic Revolution and Iranians’ defense against the Iraqi invasion (under Saddam Hussein’s rule) is evident in his works.

He is a writer who more than anything writes about the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq, the official faith in Iran (Shiism) and the biography of great Islamic figures.

Selected Works:

Waiting like Me (1995), SourehMehr

Science and Faith in Talking with Scientists (1998), Madrese Publications

A Good Sleep (2002), Kanoon

In Our Home (2002), SourehMehr

I Adore You (2004), Taligh

The Rain Was an Excuse (2007), Peydayesh

The Yoghurt Drink and Lies (2007), Zolal

And the Sun of Guidance (2010), Kanoon

Butterflies’ House (2012), Behnashr

I Ran and Ran (2015), Madrese

Selected Awards and Recognitions:

Several times winner of the Best Book Award from the Press Festival held by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance,Book of the Year Award from Teachers’ Book of the Year Festival