Jobert, Claire

Claire Jobert

Writer- Illustrator

Claire Jobert, writer and illustrator, was born in Paris in May 1961. She was brought up in a Christian family. She converted to Islam at the age of nineteen and immigrated to Iran when she got married. Claire Joubert has a bachelor’s degree in educational sciences.

She illustrates her stories herself. With a cursory look at her works, one can easily perceive her preoccupation with issues such as faith and religion, identity, children’s relations with their surroundings, etc. Most of this writer’s works are for primary-age children.

Jobert is also interested in doing research on children’s literature and philosophy for children. She writes both in Persian and French and has published some French books in Lebanon and France, but her preference is to write in Persian.

Selected Works:
The Burnt Tree (1996), Office of Islamic Culture Publications
In Search of God (2005), Kanoon
God’s Cookies (2008), Kanoon
Goodbye, Old Raccoon (2012), Kanoon
Doodles (2012), Soroush
Oh, No! (2014), Kanoon
Acorn Soup (2014), Kanoon
Problem-solving Soup (2014), Elmi-Farhangi
My Penguin and I (2015), Iran Technical Company
Mumushi Stories Series (2016), Danesh Negar

Selected Awards and Recognition:
Best Book Award from Hello Children Festival, Best Book Award from Shahid Habib Ghanipour Book Festival, Best Book Award from Parvin Etesami Book Fair