Kotobi, Sorour

Sorour Kotobi

Sorour Kotobi, writer and translator, was born in Ahwaz in 1959 and became fond of stories when, as a child, he would listen to local stories in Khoozestan. Katbi got a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the Isfahan University of Technology, but after a while she abandoned the field and delved in children’s and young adult literature instead, publishing her first story in a children’s magazine.

She has created works for different age groups, but the bigger portion of her writing is dedicated to preschoolers and she tries to write for this age group in different genres. Besides writing stories for this age group, she has also written scientific books.

Some of her works are translated into other languages.

Selected Works:
The City of Grey Flowers (1989), Amirkabir
The Star in the Mirror (1994), Madrese Publications
Oxygen and Its Playmates (1999), Kanoon
The Red Bus (2003), Borhan School Publishing Co.
The Train Game (2004), Shabaviz
The Mouse and the Fish (2005), Shabaviz
Playing on the Slide (2009), Shabaviz
Mrs. Giant Goes to a Wedding (2009), Behnashr (Parvaneh)
Cheep Cheep, Chippity Cheep (2011), Amirkabir
Delicious Dreams (2012), Behnashr (Parvaneh)

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Best Book Award from The Book Festival of The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), Best Book of the Season Award from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, IBBY’sSelection and Introduction in the List of Selected Books for Children with Special Needs