Karimzadeh, Minoo

Minoo Karimzadeh


Minoo Karimzadeh was born in 1964 in Shahr Kord. She began working for Kanoon as an editor in 1985. Besides writing and editing, she also has some experience in writing scripts for feature films and telefilms.

Her main preoccupation when writing has always been the youth, especially teenage girls. In her stories, teenage girls usually face two problems: the troubles and prejudices imposed on them by the society on one hand and on the other hand the prejudices imposed by their families, whether knowingly or inadvertently. Karimzadeh deals with such matters in her stories and tries to put the readers in the middle of the events by creating an adventure so that they, too, will experience the ups and downs that the main character undergoes and in the end feel a change in themselves just as the perception of the heroine changes. Most of Karimzadeh’s published works are for young adults. Her “Last Ticket” has been published in an anthology of Oceanic stories in Japan.

Selected Works:
When Yalda Was Not around (2005), Kanoon
Orange Hearts (2010), Kanoon
Before Packing the Suitcase (2011), Kanoon
Gordafarid’s Dream (2013), Kanoon
The White Birthday (poems, 2015), Kanoon

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Best Book of the Season Award from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, listed in the International Library of Munich (White Ravens)