Golshiri, Siamak

Siamak Golshiri


Siamak Golshiri, author and translator, was born in August 1968 in Isfahan. He started playwriting and similar activities at high school. He got his master’s degree in German language and literature.

Golshiri began his professional career in 1370 by publishing his stories in various creditable publications. Most of Golshiri’s stories happen in contemporary Iran especially in Tehran. The characteristics of his stories include numerous scenes and a completely impartial prose, which is free from adjectives and adverbs.

His “Vampire” series in five volumes is known as one of the best-selling novel series in the history of Iranian children’s and young adult literature. Golshiri has been teaching creative writing at universities and other centers for more than ten years. He has been a board member of the Association of Writers for Children and Youth.

Selected works:
Samak Ayyar (rewriting, 2005), The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon)
The Fist Day of Summer(2010) Kanoon
Qaboosnameh (rewriting, 2012) Parseh Translation and Publishing Co.
Ghosts Alley, Tehran (from the “Vampire” series, 2013), Ofogh
The Fog Forest (from the “Vampire” series, 2013), Ofogh
The Ghost of Death (from the “Vampire” series, 2013), Ofogh
Meeting the Vampire (from the “Vampire” series, 2014), Ofogh
Arash and Tahmineh (2013), Ofogh
Bardia and the Queen of Ivory Land (2014), Kanoon
A House in the Dark (2015), Ofogh

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Mehr Award for the Best Novel of the Year, Plaque of Apreciation from the Sixth Festival of Superior Children’s and Young Adult Books, listed in the International Library of Munich (White Ravens).