Abdi, Zahra

Zahra Abdi


Zahra Abdi, children’s and young adult writer, was born in Tehran. She studied Social Science research at Mahalat University and began her career in children’s and young adult press and in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting in 2008. Her first book was published in 2014.

Playwriting for children and teen’s radio program, Reporter of ‘a new breath’ Tv program, Writer of the Children’s television channels in 2017, Instructor of Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in 2010, Teaching through storytelling for Children and Young Adults at Literary Institution of Libraries since 2014, Literature Expert of Children’s books in Dar al-Hadith Institute since 2016, Collaborating with Children and Young Adults press in fields of stories, reports, interviews since 2008, Collaborating with Children and Young Adults book publishers as Book Production Manager.

Selected Works:

Prophet Muhammad / Hazrate Zahra / Imam Ali / Imam Hassan / Imam Hussein / Imam Sajjad / Imam Bagher / Imam Sadegh / Imam Kadim / Imam Asgari / Imam Hadi / Imam Javad / Imam Reza / Imam Zaman (2017)

Abouzar Ghaffari / Maysam Tamar / Moqadd / Ammar / Salman, Jamkaran bublications (2018)

I met that man again, Jamkaran bublications (2018)

Reading the Koran beautifully, two volumes, Zaer publications (2019)

Late but not far, Zaer publications (2017)

Amounts, Basic Science Publication (2016)

Prince & Dave / Shepherd & Angel / Shahrzad & King / Kashkol / Sinbad Travels (2019)

Sweet goat / rolling pumpking / Uninvited Guests / little red riding hood, Yoshita Publication (2018)

New nest / Midnight Guest/ Spring Song/ A spot of paint/ Like Wind/ Candle Seller/ Spotted/ Little Farm/ My Boat/ Tiny Winy/ Little but Happy, Henares publicatins (2018)

The Secret of Flying/ Red Wing, Boragh publications (2018)

The Night Jungle Smiled/ Match Day/ Unread Books/ Little Robot/ A Kind Friend/ Jungle Road, Bahoosh publicatins (2018)

Delicious Bread/ Like Father/ A Few Wallnuts/ Restful Sleep/ The Most Beautiful Land, Dar al-Hadith publications (2016)

Flame Split, AmirKabir bublications (2016)

Thanksgiving, a collection of 6 volumes, Adine Publications (2015)

Selected awards and recognitions:

National Teen Press Festival in 2014

Award winner in International Conference on the Doctrine of Mahdism in 2016

Nominated for Khatam festival (national festival of children’s story) in 2017

Nominated for the festival of Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults / teens and children press 2017

Award winner at Comic Art Festival for two consecutive years / Award winner at the Basij Story Festival (two consecutive years)

Awarded as Book of the Year on Lifestyle in 2019

Award winner in Yearbook of Razavi in 2019