Abdolkarimi Khalaji, Tahereh

Tahereh Abdolkarimi Khalaji

Tahereh abdolkarimi khalaji, Born in Tehran, educated in special kids educational field, teacher and expert in physically handicapped kids. She has continued her job by writing poems and stories and sending them to the various published magazines, newspaper and radio. She has been trying to propagate the culture of reading books all around the country in association with Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran since five years in deprived areas. Member of: Kids and teenager writer association, Social party of writing

Selected Works:

Ash-Mash and the Students (2008)

Cockerel’s dream (2010)

Astute and Gabby Bud (2011)

To cause to fly crow (included 8 stories) (2012)

Land of dreams (2015)

Hobbyhorse (2016)

Bunny and… (2017)

Little Hero Bird (2018)