Haghsheno, Farkhondeh

Farkhondeh Haghsheno

Farkhondeh Haghsheno, children’s and young adult writer, was born in August 1954 in Tehran-IRAN, she graduated in field of librarianship from the university and began her career in literature in early 2002s. she was active in to writing novels and short stories for adults, for almost 10 years and her first book was published in year of 2007. Along with this period of time she was also literature critic and has had published numerous of review books too. After gaining such an experience she was convinced to exceed her professional career in to the field of children’s and young adult literature, as well. Hence, she became a writer who writes for different age groups. She has written novels and short-stories for adults with themes such as war, religion, love, family, social affairs, etc.

Selected works:

For children’s and young adult: “The frog man” (۲۰۱۳), “Jostari Digar – II” (۲۰۱۳), “AmirAli and the global village” (۲۰۱۸).

For adults: “The nightmare” (۲۰۰۹), “Wet (teared) regret” (۲۰۱۱), “Jostari Digar – I” (۲۰۱۰), “Nudes, with no emotion” (۲۰۱۳), “Me, with no image” (۲۰۱۶), “Jostari Digar– III” (۲۰۱۷), “Ayleen” (۲۰۱۸)

The contents of her works are mostly realistic and reflects a diversified obstacle of current time and contemporaneous. For instance, in one of her books with name of “The frog man” which has written for young adults, she concerned the reflection of war and its side effects in to the life of youth during the wartime. On the other hand, in the book with name of “AmirAli and the global village”, describes that how propagation of media technologies throughout the world effects on youth mind set and their social life. “Jostari Digar – II” was another of her published book, which has written with subject of critics (book review) on children’s and young adult novels.

Her published papers and literary critics on books review, have been selected, nominated and awarded in “Book Review” Festival, in IRAN, numerous of times.

Selected awards:

 Gharegheetass I, II, III – “۷th western floor” – (۲۰۱۱)