Maskani, Zohreh

Zohreh Maskani

Zohreh Maskani was born 12 February 1973, is a poem and writer for both categories of kids and adults, and also a journalist. She also she also has a multiple year experience in activities for educating and increasing traffic culture. She has mostly tried to educate kids and teenagers about traffic in the right method, in order to increase safety for citizens. According to large amount of kids’ losses and injuries in Iran’s traffic accidents, most of Zohreh Maskani’s activities for kid audience has been for traffic education and institutionalizing correct traffic behavior, to increase safety and increase their injuries as pedestrians. Publishing 15 books in both poem and story categories for kids, composing poems with traffic subjects for kids’ special publishers, active and effective participation in multiple seasons of performing traffic subject theaters for students in schools of Tehran, composing songs with traffic subject for schools educational programs, producing traffic special content for TV programs are parts of her activities in this field.

Selected Works:


“Ghandoon’s adventures”, a kids’ poetry book series (containing 5 books) was published with educational content for kids. It was the result of integrating her knowledge and experiences in kids poetry and traffic education. The main character of these series is a kid called “Ghandoon” and the collection was published in 2013 by “Shahr publishments” with these titles:

Belt, Belt, Seat Belt! (Teaching the reason and necessity of waring seat belt)

One step and two steps! (Teaching the reason and necessity of using pedestrian bridge)

Bike, Bike, Bicycle! (Teaching safety notes about using bicycle to kids)

Beep, Beep, we’ve got there! (Teaching safety notes about going to school)

Green, Green, Green Light! (Teaching safety notes about paying attention to pedestrian light)

Zohreh Maskani published her second poetry book series called “Stories of ant town” in 2016 by “Shahr publishments”. These series are trying to get kids familiar traffic facts by songs and using a simulation of ants lives with their arranged and lawful city. The titles of these series are:

Ants in Car (Teaching the right way of using car for travelling)

Ants & Pedestrian Light (Teaching the reason and necessity of paying attention to pedestrian light)

Ants & Pedestrian Cross (Teaching the reason and necessity of using pedestrian cross)

Ants & Pedestrian Bridge (Teaching the reason and necessity of using pedestrian bridge)

Ants & Pedestrian Sign (Teaching the reason and necessity of paying attention to pedestrian sign)

Kids stories

Maskani published her story book series called “Danilous” (containing 5 books) in 2010 by “Shahr publishments” for kids age category. Danilous are fictional characters which have helped Maskani to teach kids the traffic facts in a fantasy theme. Active people in education field of multiple parts of country were impressed by Danilous, because of its unique and indirect education method for teaching traffic culture to students. Here are its titles:

Grandma’s presents (Teaching safety notes about using bicycle to kids)

Where is the sky? (Explaining how citizens are participated in the clearness of the air)

The story of snow day (Teaching the reason and necessity of using public transportation)

Strawberry’s party (Teaching safe transprtations)

The travel to fun fair (Teaching the reason and necessity of using public transportation)


Adults stories

Zohreh Maskani’s first adult stories were published in a book called “Story Mondays”. Her stories in this book are “The boy with shining blue eyes” and “Period, first of the line”.

Her first single story book was a short story collection called “Paper Woman” published in 2018.

She is also publishing assistant “Café Dastan” (Story Café) internet journal, member of Kids and teenagers’ writers association of Iran, member of Tehran’s municipality’s literature forum.

Selected Awards and Recognitions:

Danilous 5 book collection, nominated for second round of “Game Aval” in kids’ book category in 2011

“I Wish You Were Here Arsalan” short story, in top 10 of “Tabriz Literature Awards” in 2011

“Everyone Goes To Sleep” short story, chosen for competition part of 3rd “Paydari Short Story Festival” in 2012