Sheikhi, Mojgan

Mojgan Sheikhi

Journalist, Writer and Translator

Mojgan Sheikhi، journalist, writer, and translator was born in March 1962 in Tehran.

She is a graduate of English language translation (B.A level) and also a Diploma in Dutch language from Netherlands. She started her career in children’s and young adult literature in 1984 with “Keyhan Bacheha” magazine as a writer and translator. Her first book was “The golden beak nightingale and the Garden of Desires”. She was editor-in-chief of the “Shaparak” section in the magazine for a period of time, and editor-in-chief of the story section of “Zan-e-rooz” for a while. To take into account audience’s opinions, she collaborates with cultural centers and libraries.

She is author and translator to more than 250 titles of books during her 30 years of literary endeavor.

Some books written by Mojgan Sheikhi have been turned into movies and animations. One of her books “365 Tales for all nights of the year” had been broadcasted as pictorial storytelling by Iranian children’s T.V channel. Four books (each of them consists 26 stories) and seven short stories from this writer have been translated and published in Turky by Timas publishing. And also some  books translated into Spanish and English.

Many of this author’s books have been introduced in the Ketabname-ye- Rosd (Book of the Ministry of Public Education.) Also, they have been recommended at the end of the educational textbooks as appropriate books. Moreover is used in the “Elementary Third grade” of Persian textbooks.

She has been co-operating with different magazines, cultural literary societies and also Iranian Broadcasting children and adolescent’s department. She has also taken part in many literature festivals as jury member or as literary expert.

Selected Works:

  • The Diary of a crow – Zekr – 2014
  • j365 Tales for all nights of the year – Ghadiyani – 2007
  • The Eighth passenger – Ghadyani – 2016
  • Mrs. Crow’s Lullabies – Cultural – 2016
  • The Secret of Singing – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon) – 1996
  • Dragon and his mouth fire – Ofogh – 2000
  • The Tale of the Little Bat-Ofogh-2000
  • Summer and the White Goose – Amir Kabir -1997
  • Harran war –Madrese -2004
  • The Sun of Kharazam – Daftar-e- Nashr-e- Farhang-e- Eslami – 2015
  • Hasani and the enchanted frog – Ghadiyani – 2019
  • A Crocodile named Saffron Flower – Shahr-e-ghalam – 2019


Selected Awards and Recognitions:

  • Book of the year Prize of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Distinguished Book Prize granted by Parvin Etesami Literatur Festival
  • A cinematic adaptation of the book” Summer and the White Goose “by the name:” Wind and Fog”, winner of the” Cinema Fairbindet “at the 60th Berlinale International Film Festival. The film has been shown in various German cities, as well as in Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and some other European countries. This movie has awarded at the “International film festival for children and youth” in Iran and shown on Channel 2. (IRIB TV2)
  • Distinguished Book Prize granted by Festival of Rizvi Book of the Year
  • Selected Book for “Razavi virtual Book Reading”, Literature Festival with over 3,000 public libraries nationwide.
  • Distinguished Book Prize granted by Roshd Congress (affiliated with the Ministry of Public Education)
  • Special Letter of Appreciation granted by the Literary Gathering for Reservation of Traces and Values of the Holy Defense
  • Special Letter of Appreciation granted by Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and young Adults
  • Book of the Year selection by the “Salam Bacheha “magazine
  • Quarterly Book Prize granted by the Ministry of Culture and Guidance
  • Letter of Appreciation by Al-Zahra University’s Department of Culture
  • Distinguished Book Prize granted by Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Literature Festival
  • Letters of Appreciation in many cultural centers, literary associations and public libraries throughout the country and so on.